How to Combine CRO & SEO for the Ultimate Lead Generation Strategy

The one thing that you can find familiar in all marketers is their never-ending urge for more and more leads. A lead is someone who expresses his or her interest in your products and services. Leads can come through several ways and sources like social media campaigns, your website, and a phone inquiry. Lead generation is the overall process of acquiring new and more leads for your business.  Getting more and more leads requires a strong strategy. It involved developing the strong desire and interest of a person in your products and services and turning a potential customer into your customers. No doubt, not all leads are qualified and suitable. Some are entirely unqualified. But, leads drive business and make it profitable when turned into your customers.

Out of all strategies for generating and driving leads for your business, there is one that works perfectly and effectively. When conversion rate optimization and search engine optimization work together, they bring tremendous lead growth for your business. You may see most marketing teams either good at one or two but often fail to balance the two.

CRO & SEO: Why They Go Hand in Hand?

Being discoverable is always essential, and it is crucial more than ever before. If a prospective customer fails to find you or your business online, then there is no doubt your lead will slip into the arms of your business competitors. Most companies pay attention to SEO for getting their presence in organic search results. Search engine optimization strategies are vital to grow brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. But, only getting massive traffic on your website is not enough.

Traffic coming to your website will not turn into your customers and pay revenue magically. You have to ask a few questions about yourself. When people click on your website, what user experience they got? Is navigation easy for them? Are your web pages optimized with the call to action? If traffic on your website is not converting to your customers, then it is in vain. Here, conversion rate optimization strategies play an essential role and tie both lead generation and conversion together.

In simple terms, conversion rate optimization is the overall process of optimizing a web page to compel leads to take the direct and desired action. The desired action often comes in the form of conversions. It can be an email newsletter sign-up, demo request, webinar registration, etc. We can conclude SEO brings leads or people to your website, whereas CRO converts those leads into your customers.

Here is how you can put your efforts into both CRO and SEO and work together to get desired and great results.

Build a Strong SEO Foundation

Marketing experts and even a novice in a marketing strategy understand how it is essential to build a strong SEO foundation. You can’t have conversions without getting more and more visitors on your website. A successful strategy for SEO brings leads and new prospective buyers to your website every day.

Be Intentional & Careful About Your Content

Content plays an important role when it comes to engaging your audience to your website. The content you post on your website should be relevant to the needs of your audience. It should answer all the queries of your customers. So, always do extensive research into keywords and on-page optimization. It will ensure that your content will rank on search results. Don’t forget to add a piece that can compel your audience to take the desired action. Incorporating a call to action will help you to convert your leads into your customers more quickly.

Test, Repeat and Optimize

User experience is vital for both CRO and SEO. If your website is hard to navigate and slow, it will negatively impact both conversions and traffic. To increase conversions and provide the best user and frictionless browsing experience, you will need to refine your website continuously. Here, split testing becomes essential, which is testing various web page variants to determine which one can convert at a much higher rate. Marketers can try different page layouts, copy variants, lead forms, and call-to-action buttons.

Identify Gaps in Marketing Funnel

When you look at your inbound marketing efforts, CRO and SEO will help you identify gaps in the marketing funnel and fix those gaps. For example, you have the product page appearing at the top of the rankings and generating massive traffic, but the conversion rate is too little, indicating something is going on wrong. It could be anything like the lead form, the offer, or the messaging. You will need to revisit your content and find out the gaps that require optimization.

Overall, you can’t afford to excel in your marketing strategies without considering both CRO and SEO altogether. You will need to align the two tactics for marketing, i.e., CRO  and SEO.

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