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Get your hands-on customizable templates and advanced tools and expand your e-business. Discover and expand your customer base with your unique style.

About Activate Website Builder

Activate Website is a great platform for online merchants, bloggers and novice entrepreneurs who want to expand their customer base via online mode. No matter if you are a beginner in the digital-shopping world or you have no prior knowledge of coding, Activate Website will help you build a strong foundation first and upgrade your website. With a wide range of tools and templates to choose from, you can shape a different direction for your e-business that will lead you to a road to success. Activate Website has everything that you would require to create your website. The user-friendly interface and advanced tools are the most apt combination for both beginners and experienced users. Activate Website offers various basic and premium plans that would fit into the requirement of anyone. Simply visit our website and check out each and every plan so you can choose the best one for yourself.

Our Services

Activate Website comes with a range of tools that helps you build your website in a professional manner.

Intelligent Builder

With a little insight about your content, Intelligent Builder starts choosing the right layout, templates and fonts for your website.

Search Engine Friendly

Make people aware of your presence by adding catchy keywords.

Fast Loading

With Activate Website you can create websites with page loading for better search engine optimization.

Google Analytics

Analyse the experience of your visitors and modify accordingly.

Custom Domains

Either buy or add a custom domain to give a unique identity to your website.

Social Media Links

Increase the traffic on your website by linking it with your social media sites.

Our Additional Service

Creating a website is not enough, you must add extra efforts on your website to expand the customer base. To increase the visibility of your website, Activate Website has provided some more tools.

Image Library: Professionally categorize your image library, so it becomes easier for you to sort out the pictures for future use.

Update a Blog: Maintain a blog on your site where you can write about the latest events.

Smartphone Friendly: Use the templates that are optimized for smartphones so people can view your website easily on their mobile.

24/7 Support: Call or mail our support team anytime for any kind of query.

Activate Website Benefits

If you are planning to bring your business to an online platform, a user-friendly and well-designed website is the major factor that will add value to your e-shop. Everyone is striving to get an online presence today. To mark your presence, you must create a website that goes perfectly with its content. With a large number of consumers diverting towards the internet for buying things, it becomes essential for you to showcase your talent through the digital world, and a website builder like Activate Website could be a really advantageous tool.

  • Cost-effective: With Activate Website at your service, you won’t have to spend on the development and maintenance of the website continuously.
  • No more Coding: With Activate Website, you don’t have to learn HTML or any other coding to build a website. Simply choose the templates and designs and get going with your website.
  • Excellent Graphics: Get access to high-quality graphics to build your website. It will enhance your website pages and will make your site more appealing to visitors.
  • User-Friendly: A ‘’drag and drop’’ option will ease a lot of your work. Simply drag and drop the templates and designs to make any changes to your website.
  • Stock of Images: Activate Website will give you access to a library of stock images and graphics. It will save you money on professional photographers. Find something relevant to your site and add them to your website.


     "My online business was giving me a hard time. It was not picking up at all even after months of toiling, so I accepted the suggestion of my friend to try Activate Website. Already I was facing huge losses due to my business. I didn’t want to spend more on anything. Still, I gave in and built my website in a new way. I was surprised to see the way my business picked up. I am really happy with the Activate Website. It came to my rescue at the right time. If anyone is skeptical regarding its benefits, they can start with the free trial first and then move up to the premium package." 

    Sara Johnson
    Founder, CTO - The Company

     "I own a bakery shop in a lane where other bakery shops are present too. It was very hard to survive in such a competitive environment. I was working hard but didn’t know what more to do. When my friend told me about the Activate Website, I thought about giving it a try. At first, I started with the basic plan, which was totally free of cost then. When I found it useful, I moved my package to the premium one. Now my business is flourishing like never before. I can say that the crowd at my place is always more than the other shops. Choosing the Activate Website was the right decision." 

    Margeret Doe
    Freelance writer - The Company

     "If you want to earn through your talent, then Activate Website is the right platform. This website builder helps you create a website that reflects your ideas creatively. You can create a website for anything from personal blogs to e-shops to creative activities. I find the Activate Website relatively affordable than the other website builders. It was surprising to see how easy it was to create designs in the Activate Website. Simply drag and drop the templates, choose the color, resize the fonts, and your Website is ready. With time, I got a grip of it and moved to more advanced tools. Apart from expanding my viewers, Activate Website taught me the basics of website designing too." 

    Zoe James
    Blogger - The Company